I’m back again! I haven’t updated my blog for a long time and let’s just leave it at that. I really don’t know what to write about, not just because it’s been so long, but because I don’t think people like reading blogs…well I am not a fan, but I do like those cooking blogs that have great recipes. Sorry, I got a bit distracted. I just don’t have time to read blogs and would rather do one myself. Well, so far, this quarter in college is my second quarter and I can’t believe it’s almost over. A quarter in my college is only 10 weeks plus the week of finals, so technically speaking, it’s 11 weeks. I’m trying to get my associates in arts degree and making it be a direct transfer agreement which means I need at least 90 credits which is a lot. Each class has at least 3-5 credits but some have 1-2. Right now I am taking Drawing 2 where we draw mostly from our imagination and the project we are doing right now is an imagery project. The creative writing class across the hall gave us the student’s creative writing papers so we would have to draw 7-9 panels of the story. It’s actually not that bad, that’s if you get a well-written paper and if it’s any good. Mine is, by the way. It’s about an old man telling his grandson to stop saying sorry and apologizing for everything. He then, goes on to tell his story about a bear that chases him through the woods. It’s well-written but the story kind of goes off in weird directions. I only have to draw what’s happening which is quite simple, but I feel sorry for a friend of mine because she got a paper that was about cannibalism. Why in the world would a person write about cannibalism??? Yeah, I don’t know either. The other classes I am taking are Intro to Sociology which is an entertaining class to sit in on. We have good discussions about races, slavery, and everything social and the social environment in which we live in. I like it so far but I wouldn’t like to have a career in it because I am not a good-enough critical thinker to become a sociologist. The last class is Lifetime Wellness which is a health class and I’m taking it online. It’s pretty easy, and there’s not many video’s we have to watch. Well, it’s past my bedtime and I don’t feel like saying much more. It’s been quite a day to say the least. Off to a comfy and peaceful bed with a soft pillow. Good night, and have a great rest of the evening if you are one who stays up all night partying…or whatever. Maybe later, I will show whoever reads my posts some of my art I have finished in my art class. Fare well.


New Room Interior

I thought it was time to organize. No more procrastinating for me! I eventually want to get rid of a lot of stuff too. I am a pack rat like the rest of my family. I just have way too much stuff! It needs to go bye-bye! So I have been a busy girl for awhile which I like! It’s a lot better than having a horrible summer and being bored all the time.


I painted my dresser…finally. Instead of it being a light lavender purple with white drawers and multicolored door knobs, I painted it white with brown drawers and white door knobs. It fits much better in my room now. It doesn’t look like a kid’s dresser anymore.


I also redid my jewelry hanger that my mother previously painted for me. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the before photo, but it had a white, sparkly background and bright colored letters. The letters also had white polka dots which I couldn’t sand off. But I still like it. I used the paint that I used on my dresser and painted the background brown. For the letters I used a dark teal.

New jewelry hanger

First Time Using Watercolor

I received a watercolor painting book for my birthday and I finally found a use for it. No more putting it off until school in the fall. I have a habit of procrastinating, I need not say more. I thought now is the time to stop all my nonsense and to start to get ideas for the rest of summer. So I sat down at the table and got all my new watercolor paints together and started to paint. By the way, this is my first time actually painting with tubes of paint rather than using colored pencils and water.

My first watercolor painting of the tree is not my favorite, but I do like the technique of the clouds. This was my practice one. I didn’t know how it was going to turn out. At least it didn’t turn out horrible.

My second practice painting turned out well. I love the monotone. I actually used two colors for it and not just one like the book said. Most of the color is burnt umber and the darker outline is burnt sienna. I personally like the windows and the water under the bridge.

After the third watercolor painting, I finally thought that if I practiced a lot then, I could eventually be really good. I like the trees in this picture and not so much the clouds. I thought they didn’t fit the summer day. This one didn’t take me as long as the other two because I just made it up as I went along. It turned out okay though.

Water Flowing

Hello again. It’s a great day and it’s very beautiful outside. The weather report says it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but I don’t want it to happen. I like the nice, cool to warm weather. Besides, a lot of people would rather have sunshine than darkness.

Anyways, I have been painting this waterfall scene. It took me one whole day. This is just practice but practice helps me see what I need to fix.

The waterfall picture took awhile at first, but was worth it I think. It has a lot more colors to it than just the basic colors. It is a blurry painting and nothing in it is focused, but I think it just adds to the technique of the painting. It also depends on how you look at it.  The rocks were the fun part because they have many different colors and dimensions. The water was the hardest part though and the last part I did. I think that most painter’s would agree unless they have had lots of experience and know all the techniques. The color of the water was hard too, but I’ve learned what I should do in the future.

I would like to eventually start selling prints of my paintings on Etsy. I would like some comments on whether I should sell prints or not. It means I would have to paint more, but that’s fine with me. I like to paint.

Well, have a great day!

Sunsets Fading

Happy Father’s Day everyone! It’s a wonderful day, although it’s blowing quite hard here. Today has been great so far.

I painted an 8 by 10 inch painting. A boat sailing in the sunset. The boat inspired me because I thought that my dad might like it and since I didn’t have a gift for him for Father’s Day, I painted this scene. I love the bright colors and how the lake reflects the sky. The mountains and boat are black and it helps to contrast the picture. There is still blue water to show that it is a lake and not some weird color thing. It didn’t take me very long though because I was determined to finish it before Father’s Day.

My First Human Painting

This is the picture I saw on Pinterest and where I got my inspiration to paint her.
Photo credit:

Well, I’m back again. I finished my last week of school and all of my final tests. I am still painting on my weekends and I will paint more since I am out of school for the summer. Right now, I am working on a women whose face is covered by green and gold cloth. The women inspired me because her eyes are so magnificent.

For the skin color I mixed orange and blue together to make a yellow ocher and to make raw sienna, I mixed green and red together. For the skin color I mixed red, white, yellow, yellow ocher, and raw sienna. You need a lot of white paint and a little bit of all the other colors. It takes some time to get the color right, but once you get it, you can add more red to it to make a warmer skin tone. You can also add some green or blue to make shadows.I have found a lot of painting books at the local library and now I have to read them. There is books on techniques and books on mixing colors.

My sister, Teegan, has helped me a lot in my paintings. She has a blog too and she is a great painter.

I even have my own style now. My style is more towards textures than the actual big picture.

I found some books at the local library on painting in acrylic. I have to read them and then use some of the techniques they have. There are books that show techniques and there are other books that show the paint you mix together to get a certain color. Anyways, I have a lot to do over the summer!

Her nose is not quite done yet, so it doesn’t look right. She also needs the bottom gold drape across her face to make her look complete.